The "HOW-TO" Shoppe

Bridging The Gap Between Technicians & Sales


Posted by admin On June 7th

The “How To” Shoppe is dedicated to providing small business owners
the tools to STOP surviving and START thriving

What We Will Do For the Business Owner

  • Listen To Your Goals
  • Guaranteed To Achieve Results Within 90 days
  • Keep It Simple & Basic
  • Help Your Team Understand How Important They Are To The Companies Success
  • Understand How A Business Works In Simple Basic Terms

What We Will Do For Technicians

  • Empower to Sell Without Selling!
  • Increase Your Value To The Company

What We Will Do For The Customer Service Representatives

  • Start The Selling Process When You Answer The Phone
  • Provide Superior Customer Service
  • Maintain High Customer Retention Rate

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